About Dorelei

Dorelei is the online alter ego of Dorien. As she started to develop online activities, Dorelei became a logical choice as a trading name. She is always on the look-out to participate in new online community developments. As the world of the internet is changing continuously, she keeps adding skills and developing her core activities. These activities are usually a result of her interactions between IT, marketing, social media, and gaming.



Online community management

Dorelei provides advice on how to develop and manage your (brand’s) community. Interacting with key influencers, setting the right tone, and spreading (brand) awareness.

UX design

Ensuring the application of the proper look and feel of your brand in UX design and optimizing usability. Dorelei works with developers to enable them to deliver application functionalities to its users effectively.


Content creation

Developing websites

Specialized in single paged websites, so called one-pagers, you can always contact Dorelei to assist in website development. Defining sharp messages, creating the look and feel of your brand, in a simple but elegant setting.

Structuring and designing management documents

A well designed document can work wonders in conveying your message and giving the decision making process a nudge into the right direction. Dorelei can help you streamline your presentations, proposals and other documents. The extra hands on deck to strengthen your digital communication when needed.

Writing articles

Dorelei loves (co-)creating content. She works with experts in a field to have thorough discussions. She gathers the insights, and translates them into accessible tutorials, explanations and articles.



This online community is rooted in the fandom of the MMORPG World of Warcraft. Through the shared expertise from some of the best players in the game, guides and advice is provided. Other fans of the game interact with the authors and each other in a moderated setting. During the past year this community has really established itself, already nearing a million views a year.


Other activities

Competitive gaming

Wanting to be the best while playing a game, is the essence of competitive gaming. Having years of practice and teamwork pay off, by joining one of the best teams in the world, is amazing. Recently, I joined ScrubBusters – a guild with seven years of high end raiding legacy.


Talking to people makes me very happy. I love guiding groups in online settings to keep a positive atmosphere. Currently, I am actively moderating the (resto) shaman Discord ‘Earthshrine’ and the chainheal.com comment section and forums.



For any question or inquiry regarding Dorelei’s service offerings and projects, don’t hesitate to contact me. Send an e-mail through [email protected], or use the contact form on this website. Alternatively, you can contact me on Twitter.


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